The activity of the Fund may be supported:

  • By legal entities and natural persons by providing monetary support to the Fund;
  • On the basis of cooperation in preparing and participating in the projects being performed by the Fund, as well as, proposing own, as Fund activity sponsors, aid projects and ideas.

All of Legal Entities and Natural Persons May Provide Monetary Support to the Fund:

  • By forwarding the monetary funds in to the account of the Fund through any currency

Charity and Aid Fund „Angelo akys“
Address: Gėlainių g. 62, Panevėžys, LT 36252
Legal entity’s code: 305296392
Bank: AB SWEDBANK, bank code 73000
Account No: LT25 7300 0101 6138 1610

  • By allocating 1.2% aid from the citizen’s income tax (CIT) (natural persons provide this aid)

  People can provide the aforementioned 1.2% aid from the citizen’s income tax (CIT), by filling-out the Form No. FR0512v4 at the STI’s electronic declaration system (EDS) or by submitting the filled-out form to the nearest State Tax Inspectorate office, or by forwarding it to the STI by post (address: Neravų g. 8, LT-66257 Druskininkai).

  From 2022, requests regarding allocation of aid will be accepted only via e-mail, through the STI’s electronic declaration system (EDS). Requests regarding aid allocation must be submitted until 1 May. Requests for the year of 2019 may be submitted until 4 May.

  • On the basis of periodic aid

  Periodic aid is a continuous fixed value sum forwarded by the aid provider to the Fund’s account. The aid provider determines the value of the aid. After selecting this aid form, the aid fund chosen by the aid provider is deducted automatically from the personal bank account of the aid provider and is forwarded to the Fund’s account.

If you want to provide aid by the aforementioned method, at any bank or by using e-banking services you may conclude such periodic aid agreement. Regarding this question, you may find more detailed information at:


Payment purpose: periodic aid.

Periodic aid may be provided on the basis of other companies providing financial services.

Aid on the basis of cooperation may be provided:

  • By preparing and participating in the projects performed by the Fund;
  • By proposing own, as Fund activity sponsors, possible aid projects and ideas;
  • On the basis of other possible and acceptable forms of cooperation.

Regarding the questions and proposals on aid provision and cooperation, please address them to:

Phone.: +370 658 18188